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AU – Parallel Flexure Gauges Pneumatic
AU – Paralel Flexure Gauges

  • ± 0.25 mm, ± 0.5 mm, ± 1mm measuring ranges
  • Accuracy better than 1 µm
  • Up to 0.25 µm repeatability
  • IP65 sealing
  • Spring or Pneumatic Actuation
  • Multiple tool holder and tip options
  • Parallel Flexures with high resolution and excellent repeatability make Solartron’s Flexure Transducers the first choice for high speed precision gauging. With no sliding moving parts, the flexure will maintain performance for millions of cycles and are virtually free from hysteresis. Flexures can be mounted such that there is little or no stress through the gauge line enabling precision profiling of moving materials such as rotating shafts, brake discs etc .