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Linear Encoders

Linear Encoders

The Digital Linear Encoder range of gauges consists of high accuracy optical probes designed for use in applications where consistent sub micron measurement accuracy is required. In contrast to traditional gauging probes, the accuracy is maintained along the entire measurement range. The Digital Linear Encoder can be connected directly to a Solartron Digital Readout, a PC or a PLC via Solartron’s Orbit® Network.

The option to take readings with a resolution of <0.1 µm at speeds of up to 3906 readings per second per encoder into the Orbit® Network, provides detailed profiling. The proven high repeatability is a testament to the excellent mechanics and bearing used in the range.

Key Features

  • Spring, free, pneumatic, cable release
  • 0.4 µm accuracy
  • 0.05 µm resolution

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Orbit Digital Gauge Catalogue