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Product Applications

Product Applications

Product Applications

As major global sensor manufacturers, Solartron Metrology covers a wealth of sensor technology for displacement measurement in many different industries and applications.

Constantly evolving our range of metrology and measurement sensors and transducers for a greater variety of linear measurement applications, we have the technology, the commitment and the resources to help you conduct accurate precision measurement, using a wide range of digital displacement transducers and analogue gauging probes.

Whether it's an inductive sensor, touch probe, non contact transducers or an LVDT sensor that you need, Solartron can offer a linear measurement sensor solution customised specifically to suit customer requirements.

Check bicycle components

Air Gauge

Distortion machines

Feather Touch probes

Gauging electric cars battery cells

Knee prosthesis


Extreme elements

Turbine mount

Bearing measurement

Flatness check


Ultra Feather Touch


Displacement SM transducers