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Orbit® 尺寸紧凑系列

D6PS-Spring Push Actuation
D6P/S - 弹簧驱动型
  • 6毫米外径
  • 非常适合于狭小空间的测量
  • 2毫米和5毫米测量范围
  • 精度优于0.1微米
  • 重复性优于0.05微米
  • 分辨率优于0.01微米
  • 尼龙和碳化钨测头可选
  • 弹簧驱动
  • 测力0.7N(其他测力可选)
  • D6P系列探头,相比标准传感器的探头减少了1/4的外径,同时保持所有标准传感器拥有的性能和使用寿命。优异的高精密轴承确保其在数百万次使用后,依然保持极佳的性能


  • D6P系列探头,相比标准传感器的探头减少了1/4的外径,同时保持所有标准传感器拥有的性能和使用寿命。优异的高精密轴承确保其在数百万次使用后,依然保持极佳的性能

     Digital Measurement Compact Probes Spring Push Actuation D3PS
    D3P/S - 弹簧驱动型
  • 3 毫米外壳直径
  • 非常适合于狭小空间的多点测量应用
  • 1毫米测量范围
  • 精度优于0.1微米
  • 重复性优于0.25微米
  • 分辨率优于0.01微米
  • 弹簧驱动
  • 标准测力0.5N
  • IP50防护等级


  • 可能是全世界最细的探头,3mm的外径允许其应用在狭小区域的高密度尺寸测量。

    The DSP Probe - Perfect Where Standard Sensors Do Not Fit

    DSP Probes are displacement sensors with short body lengths enabling these gauge probes to be mounted in locations where standard displacement sensors will not fit. Considerably shorter than standard digital displacement sensors and much shorter than conventional LVDT sensors, the short range of digital displacement sensors (DSP) still maintain all of the advantages of LVDT sensors while providing superior performance.

    Like all Solartron digital displacement transducers the short DSP range is fully compatible with the  Orbit Digital Measurement Network making integration of multiple displacement sensors and displacement transducers simple. Data can be read and processed using Solartron readouts or  Gauge Computer Software which incorporates basic SPC.

    For Spring Push Probes,  DSP/X/S,  like a conventional LVDT the displacement probe tip is pushed out using an internal spring. The precision bearings inside the digital displacement senor ensure precise positioning of the contact senor tip. At the same time the unique bearing design provides repeatable measurements even when the displacement transducer is subjected to mechanical side loads. Please see understanding repeatability for more information on this important feature.

    Key Features

  • Same performance as standard digital probes with shorter body
  • 2, 4 and 5 mm measuring range
  • Accuracy better than 0.1 µm
  • Repeatability precision better than 0.05 µm
  • Resolution better than 0.01 µm
  • Range of contact sensor tips available
  • Spring actuation
  • Standard contact sensor tip force 0.7N (other options available)
  • IP65 sealing
  • Superior performance compared to traditional Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)

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    Technical Drawings

    Ultra Short Spring Push Actution DZS
    DZ/S - 超短型 - 弹簧驱动型
  • 尺寸最短至15毫米
  • 小空间测量的理想传感器
  • 1 和 2 毫米测量范围
  • 精度优于0.1微米
  • 重复性优于0.05微米
  • 分辨率优于0.01微米
  • IP65防护等级


  • DZ系列可能是市场上拥有全量程校准的1mm或2mm探头尺寸中是最短的, 独特的轴承系统设计在保持其紧凑尺寸的同时,保持了常规传感器所有高性能