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S Series Displacement Transducers Advantages

  • Linearity < 0.20% f.r.o. (Most others 0.25 or 0.30%)
  • Marine Grade 316 ST/ST - Excellent Corrosion Resistance.
  • Solid Construction - 6mm diameter carriers (not easily bent).
  • Polymer Bearings - suitable for all types of environments. (especially not effected by hostile alkaline environments – paper making)
  • FEP Cable - Resistant to hostile environments & High Temperature (High Temp Versions can go to 200oC)
  • Large Through Bore - Even for dc types - makes installation easier.
  • Better stroke to length - fit into smaller spaces more applications.
  • IP67 Protection - Can withstand complete submersion for 30min at 1m depth.
  • Coils Magnetically Screened - Not easily interfered with or by magnetic fields.
  • Unipolar Input on DC’s - More convenient supply than ±V
  • Internal Voltage regulator - Output does not change when input changes
    • What makes them Special +

      Solartron Metrology provides a high-performance displacement sensor, the S Series transducer, with four output options: Standard LVDT, isolated DC voltage, 4-20 mA, and digital.

      Solartron Displacement sensor S-Series


      The S-Series have an improved linearity Specification of 0.2% F.S.O.
      Which increases their measurement precision compared to most conventional LVDT’s.
      The sensor coils are also magnetically Screened; this minimizes the effects of external electromagnetic fields increasing product stability

      The manufacture of the S Series transducers involves several physical improvements to the body compared to the standard displacement sensor. The S Series is composed of Marine Grade 316 (molybdenum-alloyed) stainless steel, ensuring the prevention of corrosion. Their solid construction is attributed to the 6mm diameter carriers which can resist strong forces from deviating the core. This is coupled with a 19mm diameter body.

      Polymer being the composite of the bearings as a part of the guided core S Series transducers, results in resistance to hostile environments, including alkaline conditions (such as paper-making factories). This is accompanied with the insulated FEP cables, also resistant to hostile environments, as well as high temperatures. The “High Temp” version can reach the resistance of up to 200 oC.

      Accompanied by IP67 hermetic sealing, the S Series sensor can withstand submersion for 30 minutes in depths reaching up to 1 meter.

      Installation is made easier with the S Series Displacement transducer due to the large bore to core clearance, which includes the DC type sensor. Their optimal stroke to length ratio allows for fittings into smaller spaces, also allowing for a more varied range of applications.

      The DC S Series and 4-20mA version sensors contain an internal voltage regulator, which means their output does not change when the input changes. This increases stability and ensures a linear reading. The DC S-Series sensors also arrive in two packages: Unipolar, and Bipolar. The Unipolar input on the DC S-Series probe is a more convenient supply than ±V. Both the internal voltage regulator and the Unipolar features also apply to the G-Type probes.

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