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PLC to Orbit® Interface

Connect Solartron’s Orbit® Network to the world’s leading PLC protocols.

Solartron’s Protocol Interface Module (PIM) provides a simple way of interfacing the Orbit® Digital Measuring Network to most Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). A distinct PIM is created for each protocol, including: Ethernet/ IP™, ProfiNet™, EtherCAT™, Modbus TCP, & CC Link™

Key Features

  • Communicate with up to 150 Orbit modules with Explicit Messaging or 50 with Cyclic Messaging
  • Power up to 10 Orbit modules (depending on type). A PSIM can be used when more than 10 is required
  • Connect any Solartron Digital sensor including lasers
  • Connect 3rd party sensors via the Analog Interface Module (AIM)
  • Download free software pack from Solartron website, then connect PIM to computer via USB cable
  • Set EtherNet/IP™ , PROFINET®, EtherCat and CC Link ™ settings such as DHCP enable, host name, IP address, subnet mask and default gateway. 
  • For PROFINET this can also be done through the standard PROFINET methods – TIA portal, Pronetta. 
  • The configuration application is also used to set Modbus settings such as baud rate, parity, Modbus address etc.

  • View Brochures and Drawings

    Please click the links to view and download the following information:

    Orbit Digital Gauge Catalogue.