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Orbit® Digital Measurement Network

The Orbit® Network - Connectivity Made Easy

Solartron Metrology provides a class leading modular system in its Orbit® Digital Network. With its calibrated probes, multiple gateways, and ability to connect 3rd party sensors, Orbit provides a faster throughput, lower cost, & better data collection than any analog or conventional system.

Calibrated Sensors

Solartron Digital Probes are calibrated with a laser interferometer at its UK Factory. For the customer, this reduces setup time, and decreases the likelihood of human error from onsite scaling.  

No Min/Max Mastering

Solartron Digital Probes are calibrated across the full measurement range, meaning no need for min max mastering at the factory. This reduces cost, as only one master is required and setup time reduced.


Easy set up and mastering with the Solartron Orbit® network means less time and labour cost when creating a measurement system for quality checks.

Multiple Outputs

Orbit 3® can network up to 200 sensors on a robust, modular system with multiple output options. Interfaces include USB 2.0, Ethernet TCP/IP, Wireless, and 6 different PLC interface protocols. Digital readouts are also available.

Less Downtime

In cases of sensor breakage, Solartron Digital Sensors can be replaced quickly, with available features such as “Hot Swap” and Inline Plugs.

Fast Data Tracking

Instead of writing on a chart or manual entry, data from gauging measurements can automatically be output into a spreadsheet or saved into a network via PC, PLC or other interface. Output speeds are up to 3906 readings per probe, per second.

Network to 3rd Party Sensors

Solartron offers multiple Interface connections to 3rd party sensors, including DC & 4.20mA analog output, Digimatic, TTL, and others. There is also a module that connects to Air Gauges. No other network provides this much versatility.

Best Value

Compared to analog systems or other digital interfaces, no other network system provides this much accuracy and features at a competitive cost.

Output to 3rd Party Software or Solartron Packages

Orbit comes with software drivers that enable communication to software such as Labview or QC Calc. Solartron software packs such as Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 are also available.

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Orbit Digital Gauge Catalogue.