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Cable free metrology

With cable free metrology tools from Solartron Metrology the operator can work easily and measure accurately at a distance. 

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    Solartron’s range of wireless metrology hand tools use the latest Bluetooth™ technology to transmit measurements to a receiver like a PC or Bluetooth™ enabled readout. The hand tools incorporate a colour display which shows the operator the current measurements in booth digital and analogue formats with measurement status being indicated. The measuring technology is based around Solartron’s proven enhanced LVDT with a worldwide reputation for precise measurements and long life.
    The elimination of cables required for traditional bore gauges and hand tools makes the tool easier to use which increases operator efficiency. No cables means that the cables cannot become tangled or damages leading to lower gauge maintenance costs.

    Two types of tools are offered.  

    The first tool is designed to interface to commonly available measuring heads to facilitate bore measurements. This tool can replace traditional bore gauges offering enhanced performance and simple interfacing. Used in conjunction with the free Wireless Hand tool Manager a basic Gauging System can quickly be created. For more complex tasks the wireless hand tool can interface to Solartron’s Gauge Computer Software which has many advanced metrology functions such as Part Mastering and Statistical Process Control (SPC).

    The second tool has 8 independent measurement or gauging channels these can be connected to different Solartron gauging probes or displacement sensors allowing the end user to design complex measuring heads for multiple gauging solutions. Applications include multiple diameters bore gauges, depth gauges internal diameter gauging and external diameter gauging. Using the Gauge Computer Software, the user can build complex formulars to measure features combining the relevant measurement channels. Solartron Metrology offers the widest range of contact gauging probes and displacement transducers which incudes probes with 3mm diameter, 6 mm diameter and traditional 8 mm diameter with measuring ranges from 0.25mm to 30 mm these are complemented by transducers and flexure type sensors. All of these sensors are based around Solartron’s proven enhanced LVDT technology and reputation for precision measurements and excellent measurement repeatability.

    Batteries and Charging

    The Wireless hand tools have detachable battery packs which can be charged either on the tool or off the tool. Several charging options are available the most popular is inductive charging with two charger configurations, Bench top or cradle.

    Battery life between charges depends on use but is usually in excess of 10 hours. With inductive charging the tool is usually put into the charging cradle between measurements so remains fully charged.

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