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The Optimum Series of LVDT sensors is an ideal choice for process control and research applications. The free core variants are designed for precise linear positioning and measurement of moving parts where zero friction and hysteresis is required within a restricted space. The free core version is available with an optional lightweight core for mounting on to small, rapidly moving structures without affecting their performance and integrity, which is important in some control applications. A version of a lightweight core with a 1.9 mm diameter is available which improves core to bore clearance, making alignment easier. A light titanium core carrier can be supplied on request. The optimum is also available as a guided product and with universal joints either as an LVDT or digital product for use in applications where it is not possible to mount the core and carrier on the moving part.

  • Good measurement range to body length ratio
  • Small body diameter
  • Larger radial bore clearance
  • Rugged construction
  • High temperature (200 °C) available on request
  • High pressure (vented case) available