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Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement

Solartron Metrology offers an extensive lineup of transducers for any displacement or measurement monitoring applications. This would include structure monitoring, laboratory displacement applications, or any other applications where high resolution measurements in a laboratory, or outdoor settings is required. With Solartron's G-Series, S-Series, and OP series, sensors offer multiple configurations and outputs.

Testing for Deformation of a Structure

The most common types of sensor used to test for deformation of a structure is Absolute Displacement sensors. Both can be brought together using Orbit®, Solartron Metrology’s Multi Channel data processing system

Testing for Deformation of a Vessel

By fixing one end of a wire and taking it around a vessel and attaching the other end to the core of a displacement transducer. Any change in the diameter of the vessel is related to the position of the transducer core.

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