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Solartron Block Gauge Checking Inner Diameter

星期五, 五月 19, 2023

Checking Inner Diameters of Automotive Transmission Components:

The automotive industry is an immensely important part of the manufacturing world, allowing transportation of goods, materials, and people alike. This is why we develop measuring equipment which adapts to a myriad of applications, including automotive component measurement.

Block Gauges in actionAn example of this is checking the inner diameters of Automotive Transmission components. Manufacturing this component involves awkward geometrical features which are otherwise difficult to gauge using standard equipment. The Specialist Transducer Block Gauge is a perfect solution for this challenge, as its versatility and shape allows for gauging of bores and cavities.

Their rugged build also leads to prolonged usage for millions of cycles with no downtime.

In the process of gauging the inner diameter of Automotive Transmission Ring, three Pneumatic Block Gauges check the upper ID, and three more check the lower ID simultaneously. To make measurements easier, they can be connected via the Orbit Network, meaning readings are seamlessly output to a PC or a PLC.

Depending on the requirements, Solartron’s Block Gauges can be provided with different measurement ranges: 2mm, 5mm, and 10mm.