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Checking Battery Cell Expansion

星期四, 五月 11, 2023

Checking Battery Cell Expansion

When incurred with a charge, battery cells often expand and deform, causing their compact surroundings to deform along with them. This is a key quality control issue which requires high precision testing and monitoring to determine how the surroundings should be constructed in order to avoid potential damage.

Orbit® NetworkSolartron Metrology offers high precision Digital Probes and Non-Contact Lasers which can be used to quickly gauge battery cells, whilst feeding data via the Orbit Digital Measuring Network to a PC or PLC. For easy integration and networking, Solartron’s Orbit Digital Measurement Network allows for up to 250 sensors to connect and synchronise at once, both contact and non-contact.

Solartron Digital Probes offer high resolution of up to 0.01 µm, which is excellent for critical cell dimension checks such as flatness and height. They have also been tested to millions of cycles, ensuring the probes can withstand years of abuse, including vibration and heat. All of our probes arrive pre-calibrated, making for easy installation and mastering, and reducing preparation time.

Additionally, our Non-Contact Laser Triangulation Sensors offer a high measurement accuracy with excellent repeatability, as well as effective measurements on various materials, including metallic surfaces.