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Orbit® Gauge Software 4.0

Orbit® Gauge Software 4
  • Easily programmable
  • Supports manual, semi-automatic and automatic gauges
  • Guided graphical sequencing
  • Data exporting to popular statistical process control packages
  • Highly customisable, with scripting to accommodate custom application needs
  • Our new software package is built in a way that minimises the time needed for staff training and system integration. It delivers this partly by using guided graphical sequencing in clear and simple colour-coded graphics, and partly by using embedded measurement templates that can be used to configure measurement formulas and match probes.

    As a result of these new features, a consistent level of high-quality measurement data collection and storage can be achieved from one gauge operator to another, without the need for extensive training or product knowledge.

    At the same time, Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 is compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system, making the analysis of manufacturing processes straightforward, and with tools and fixtures from third-party hardware manufacturers, allowing users to build and operate a measurement system with a single software package.


    OGS4 uses guided graphical sequencing in clear and simple color-coded graphics that minimize training time, startup time and the potential for operator inspection errors. These features also minimize training from one user to the next, ensuring reproducible inspection results from different operators and shifts.


    OGS4 uses a Window-compatible computer as a workstation to measure and collect measurement data to analyze the manufacturing process. The OGS4 program also lets users integrate tools and fixtures from third-party hardware manufacturers to build a complete measurement system with one software.

    With the aid of embedded measurement templates, the user can configure measurement formulas by selecting the appropriate template and matching the associated probes. This reduces the training and knowledge required to configure the system.


    OGS4 Software

    The software is marketed in two versions so you only pay for features you need either for manual or unattended measurement, data from both types of applications can be exported to the same networkable location for analysis and correlation studies.


    Solartron Metrology now provides total quality solutions for the manufacturing marketplace worldwide, with products ranging from numerous sensors we manufacturer and now, factory floor measurement and data collection stations. 
    Solartron Metrology will phase out the Orbit Gauge Software 3.0 (OG3) on September 30, 2023. After this date OG3 software package will be replaced by Orbit Gauge Software 4.0 (OG4) released in April of 2022. It is recommended all customers start planning to migrate to Orbit Gauge Software 4.0. Support for Orbit Gauge Software 3.0 will continue for customers with active Support and Maintenance Agreements (SMA) if running Windows 10 or older versions.  Please contact Solartron Metrology at 1-800-873-5838 to review your systems status or if you have any questions.