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Lever Probes

Dig Lever Probe
DL –Lever Probe
  • 0.5 mm measuring range
  • Accuracy better than 3 µm
  • Resolution better than 0.01 µm   
  • Repeatability better than 0.5 µm   
  • Spring actuation


  • Solartron’s Digital Lever Probe has been conceived for the precision measurement market. The probe is ideally suited to applications where the use of axial measuring probes is not possible, and where a low tip force and a high number of probing points are required. It’s simple design and exceptional reliability result in a reduced cost of ownership without any reduction in performance. Due to it’s cylindrical housing geometry, the Lever Probe can be mounted in any attitude relative to the intended target, although the stylus motion must be normal to the intended measurement.

    Combining multiple sensors using the Orbit Digital Measurement network is easy and data can be read using a Solartron readout or the Gauge Computer Software making system integration simple.

    Attention to detail in both design and manufacture of the displacement sensor ensures precision measurement throughout the linear displacement transducer's life.

    Solartron Metrology offers a large range of displacement sensors to suit multiple applications with different cable outlets (radial or axial), multiple measuring ranges, different cable types like steel braided which provides additional protection for displacement sensors that are being used in harsh environments. If you cannot find the displacement senor you need please contact your local sales office or distributor.

    DL Lever probe