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Orbit® 附件及电源供应模块

Digital Measurement  Network Power Supplies
电源供应模块 (PSIM)
  • AC Power In, 5 VDC Out
  • DC Power (24 VDC) In, 5 VDC Out
  • Power up to 32 Modules depending on type


  • Solartron supply quality regulated power supplies for the Orbit® Measurement System in a number of configurations. We highly recommend the use of these to ensure optimum perfromance.

    Orbit Accessories
  • 探头附件
  • 英制传感器护套
  • 传感器夹持套
  • 径向电缆输出转接件


  • 可更换气囊:气囊破损后可以更换 仅气动探头的气囊需要环形圈
    径向电缆输出转接件:只能使用在弹簧驱动类型的探头上 订货号码: 203224
    英制传感器护套:此护套可以把8 毫米外径的传感器转换为9.512毫米 (3/8”). 长度为 12 到 127 毫米可选 封闭型或带开口型可选
    传感器夹持套:适合于所有的 8 毫米外径探头. 此夹持套可以把点作用力转换为面作用力,起到保护传感器的作用。拧紧其配套的紧固螺丝,可以实现抱紧、固定传感

    Ball tip
    Ball Tips
  • Various sizes available
  • Various shapes available
  • Various material available    


  • Contact size, shape and material are critical to ensure accurate measurements, foe example a flat knife tip makes measuring external diameters much simpler than using a point tip as probe alignment is not as critical. Tungsten carbide is a good general purpose material while ruby offers longer life. Silicon Nitride is good for aluminum as Tungsten Carbide can mark aluminum parts.

    If you cannot find the displacement senor you need please contact your local sales office or distributor.

    Ball tips