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Orbit® 接口模块 和 Orbit® 到 PLC 的转换模块

Digital Measurement Orbit Modules and Gateways
Orbit® Measuring Network | Controllers and Modules
  • Computer to Orbit® Network Interfaces
  • USB, Ethernet, RS232
  • PLC to Orbit Interfaces
  • EtherNet IP, ProfiNet, EtherCat™
  • Special Modules
  • Analogue Input
  • Digimatic Interface
  • Strain Gauge
  • Rotary Encoder Input
  • Air Gauging


  • Solartron offer a number of Interface modules to connect a PC to the Orbit network. Using a PC to control the network is a flexible solution with simple readings from sensors  to measure basic dimensions through complex high speed acquisition to perform processes like shaft profiling.

    Interfacing Orbit to PLC which are often the preferred controller for automation is easily done using Solartron’s range of PLC to Orbit Interfaces.

    Connecting to 3rd party sensors and switches is addressed with a range of modules such as the Digital I/O module and the analogue input module.

    Capturing data from Air Gauging is easy using the AGM module, multiple modules can be simply connected and Air Gauging can be combined with contact gauging and process control

    Air Gauge

    PLC Gateways

    PLC to Orbit

    Special Modules

    Digital Measurement Orbit Modules and Gateways