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  • 小巧尺寸仅20毫米宽
  • 测量范围 LT1 (25mm), LT2 (10mm)
  • 精度优于 12 µm
  • 重复性 LT1 – 2.5 µm, LT2 0.5 µm
  • 分辨率 LT1 – 0.4 µm , LT2 0.15 µm
  • 采集速率高达 4 kHz


  • 完全兼容Solartron数字读出器及测量软件的基于Orbit数字网络的全新系列精密三角激光位移传感器



    LT2 Sensor
  • High precision for metallic and reflective surfaces
  • Linearity up to 6 microns, with repeatability up to 0.1 microns
  • Sample rate up to 4 khz
  • “Oval” spot that is ideal for checking metallic surfaces
  • “Adaptive Surface Adjustment:”
     Laser automatically adjusts beam intensity based on surface for optimum repeatability
  • Software Drivers offer different measurement modes and averaging adjustments for peak repeatability
  • The LT2 provides some great advantages:
    Excellent on metallic and reflective surfaces:
    The laser performs extremely well on pieces of metal, even if they are reflective.  This is partially due to an oval beam, which helps compensate for irregularities or roughness.  We have demonstrated this laser to some customers, and it performed extremely well.  One agent in China tested it by placing a mirror-like gauge block underneath the beam, and said it performed better than any other laser they had tried.
    No controller:
    Most Keyence laser units require an additional controller for their laser unit.  For Orbit LT2, everything is self contained. This can help save costs.
    Compact Size:
    The unit is just 20mm wide, meaning more can be packed into a tight area.  (There is a beam off feature to prevent crosstalk.)


    Orbit Connections

    AS with our past lasers, Orbit LT2 can be networked contact probes and other sensors via Orbit.  This has been a key advantage for customers that want just one connection into a PC or PLC for all of their sensors. 

    A new range of precision laser triangulation sensors that are fully Orbit Enabled and compatible with all Solartron Readouts and Gauging Software

    If you cannot find the product you need please contact your local sales office or distributor.


    Orbit® LTH Laser